Transit and Trails

When companies and individuals think about relocating from one area of the country to another, quality of life issues are paramount. Happy employees love where they live, and part of what draws them and keeps them in a city is their access to walking and biking trails. Indeed, the river trail is as much an engine for job growth in Little Rock as it is a resource for recreation.

As mayor, I would work to create a comprehensive biking and walking trail system across the city. I also support having a bike share program and more dedicated bike lanes. There are numerous benefits to this plan. Many of the highly-skilled younger workers our companies want to attract to Little Rock don’t want to own cars and won’t consider living in a city where they have to have one.

But like other aspects of infrastructure, my approach to expanding bike lanes and a trail system would emphasize equity. Most trails today are only located in select parts of the city. This is both unfair and an economic issue. When you force people to travel by car, it is like a tax. We need to provide affordable options – from a robust public transit system to more bike lanes and sidewalks – for people to get around the city.