This campaign ended on Nov. 6, 2018, but we appreciate all of the support we received, as well as the opportunity to meet and hear from so many Little Rock citizens who wanted to bring New Energy and New Ideas to our city.

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Meet Warwick

“I am running for Mayor because Little Rock has been standing still for too long. While we see other dynamic southern cities leading the way with fresh ideas, our leadership has just settled for the status quo. It’s time for that to change.”

Join me in this movement to make a change.

“We have the opportunity to be one of the best cities in the country, because we are blessed with a beautiful natural setting and great people who work hard and are committed to our community. But we can do better, and that takes leadership that is inclusive, energetic, creative, and visionary.”

“We need to make Little Rock a hub of economic activity, so we can have the good jobs of the future right here, and not lose talent to other cities. We need to make our schools great, so people want to raise their families here, and not move to the suburbs or out of the state. And we need to be smarter about how we fight crime, to keep families safe.”

“During my time in the state legislature, I’ve worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to strengthen our state’s ethics laws, promote clean energy, and bring more economic development to our state. I’ve also worked for the Clinton Foundation and founded the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub—a cutting-edge resource that supports those who want to create new businesses, invent new products, and acquire new job skills by putting energy and ideas to work for us.”

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Real Results

As a State Legislator, Warwick Sabin has a record of getting real results.


  • Passed a constitutional amendment that banned gifts from lobbyists to elected officials, banned corporate contributions to political campaigns, and increased the cooling-off period to two years before a former legislator can become a lobbyist.


  • Passed a comprehensive bill to enable and facilitate the creation of public-private partnerships (P3s) for infrastructure development.
  • Passed legislation to facilitate the creation of cooperative organizations for economic and community development.
  • Passed legislation to provide a more level playing field for startup companies to compete for state procurement contracts.
  • Passed legislation to help startup companies by allowing the Equity Investment Tax Credit to be applied to convertible debt.
  • Passed legislation to allow for the creation of Benefit Corporations (B-Corps) in Arkansas.


  • Passed legislation to create Power Purchase Agreements that have directly led to the construction of the state's largest renewable-energy generation facilities, including 100-megawatt and 81-megawatt solar projects.
  • Passed legislation creating Energy Improvement Districts, as well as another bill that enables Energy Efficiency Project Bonds for counties and municipalities.
  • Passed legislation to end the "doughnut hole" that prevented Arkansas from having electric-vehicle charging stations.
  • Co-sponsored legislation enabling the creation of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) districts.


  • Passed legislation increasing data transparency and coordination across state government.
  • Passed legislation requiring online filing and access for campaign finance reports.
  • Introduced legislation to require economic incentive transparency and reporting.  (AEDC voluntarily agreed to implement, so I withdrew the legislation.)


  • Passed legislation requiring computer science and personal finance courses in high school.
  • Passed legislation requiring colleges to provide information about suicide prevention resources to incoming students.

Other Bills Sponsored:

  • Introduced legislation to create an Earned Income Tax Credit in Arkansas.
  • Introduced legislation to extend broadband internet service to unserved or underserved areas in Arkansas.
  • Introduced legislation to authorize distributed generation of energy in Arkansas.
  • Introduced legislation to enhance the property rights of landowners subjected to eminent domain proceedings by private oil pipeline companies.
  • Introduced legislation to eliminate criminal eviction and create an implied warranty of habitability for residential tenants.
  • Introduced legislation to guarantee in-state tuition at Arkansas colleges and universities for any graduate of an Arkansas high school (DREAM Act).


  • Passed legislation imposing a moratorium on concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in protected watersheds, and funding an environmental impactstudy of the CAFO developed in the Buffalo River watershed.
  • Passed legislation to allow state employees to contribute to 529 college savings plans.

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